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All the fun and adventure of scuba diving in one day! This is a first time beginners diving experience you will never forget and will surely want to repeat. Perfect if you just want to try diving or have limited time. This is not a certification course. As part of your experience you will briefly cover dive theory, then make some exercises in shallow water, followed by some fun diving! The maximum depth is 12m (40ft), but if you want to stay shallower, no problem, this is your chance to try diving, so we’ll do all we can to ensure you enjoy it as much as we do! You can choose from a great day out to Racha Yai island or Racha Noi Island. Trips are available every day!

Approximate Itinerary (2 dive trip)
This is an approximate itinerary. On busy days you may arrive back a little later. 3 dive trips will return at about 6pm.

Who should experience diving ?
Aren’t you curious about what it’s like to breathe underwater? This program is for those who are not yet ready for the scuba diving certification course.

What kind of fun will it be ?
There is no new experience like swimming underwater for the first time. You will learn a few techniques in thin water and get used to what you were afraid of. After some time of feeling afraid, you will realize how easy scuba diving is and that the fun of being in the water outweighs the fear of going in for the first time.

What will you learn ?

Where can I experience diving ?
y can make an emerald bard. The program will be held nearRacha Island in Phuket.
(Experience diving location may change depending on local circumstances)

How can I start ?
No prior experience in scuba diving is required. If you are in good health, you can try it even if you cannot swim at all. Experience the new world under the sea in Phuket today.

1. Age: 10 years or older
2. Time: 07:30~16:30
3. Materials: Swimsuit, towel, simple clothes, good condition

Next recommended course
After successfully completing this program, you will be issued a certification and receive credits when registering for the next course. Check out the next course, the Open Water Diver Certification Course.

The Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) program lets a complete beginner dive right in and experience the first time of diving in easy conditions. During your adventure, your instructor will always be right with you. On the way to Racha Yai or Racha Noi Island you have breakfast on the boat. Coffee, tea and drinking water are also provided free. You’ll sit with your instructor and look at some basic diving theory before entering the water. At the start of your first dive you will practice a few scuba skills in very shallow water and finally swim off to experience an underwater adventure. Some people do the discover experience (also called the “resort course”) many times rather than doing a certification course. Others think “Wow! How do I get certified?”. We hope you love it and get hooked on SCUBA!


Prices & Schedule

Phuket Discover Scuba Diving Prices And Options

To the south of Phuket, the islands of Racha Yai and Racha Noi are ideal for first time beginner divers, with clear blue waters and sheltered sandy bays. Visibility here is normally above 20 meters and the marine life is plentiful. A great location for a first dive!

  • 2 dives with day trip to Racha Yai Island – 4,500 THB

  • 3 dives with day trip to Racha Noi & Yai Islands – 5,500 THB

Prices include equipment, insurance, breakfast, lunch, drinks, and hotel transfers from Patong, Karon or Kata beach.

Note : If you are taking a dive trip you must allow 18 hours before flying – read more about this : Flying After Diving Guidelines. Be sure to plan your flights accordingly!
Are you fit for diving?

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